April 7-13 is National Volunteer Week and we want to take a moment to thank our hardworking volunteers.

Without you, The Women’s Resource Center would not be possible!  We cannot express how grateful we are for each and every one of our volunteers.


The Gift of Time is Priceless

Valuable is the work you do

Outstanding in how you always come through

Loyal, sincere, and full of good cheer

Untiring in your efforts throughout the year

Notable are the contributions you make

Trustworthy in every project you take

Eager to reach your every goal

Effective in the way you fulfill your role

Ready with a smile like a shining star

Special and wonderful – that’s what you are!



Volunteering in any way at WRC impacts thousands in our community. We appreciate your time and efforts more than you know. From clothing donations for our Unique Boutique and Career Closets to taking time out of your life to impact others, your help and contributions do not go unnoticed. Thank you, from the bottom of hearts!

We have volunteer opportunities such as answering phones, helping at events, serving on steering committees, facilitating programs, preaching the gospel of WRC to various community groups, tabling at community events, sharing your expertise through hosting a workshop and more! If you would like to become a volunteer for the Women’s Resource Center, click here.