At The Women’s Resource Center, our primary focus is, and always has been, on our clients and our mission to help women and their families thrive. Yet the reality is that we would not be able to provide these transformative services without the support of generous donors and committed volunteers. Throughout the forty-year history of WRC, our organization has been blessed with many who have given time, energy, and financial resources to bring to life what once was an idea – a place where women can connect to the services they need to live.

The majority of our funding for WRC’s programming comes from private sources including family trusts and foundations. All of our benefactors are extremely important to us, but we wanted to tell you about several who have led the charge and true catalysts for change atWRC. 

Following our merger of the Manatee and Sarasota Centers, there was a need for a transformative gift that would shape the future of WRC’s programming and resources, especially in Sarasota.  2019 has been a banner year for our mission as we secured new funding sources in The Greenfield Foundation and Dr. Willa Bernhard. Their generous support helped to fill that need because of each the positive impact counseling to the ultimate success of our career development program. They have made significant investments in the growth of these programs in Sarasota County. 

Access to affordable mental health counseling in Sarasota County has been a wonderful result of the merger. In fact, in this past year, we have seen a 129% increase in counseling clients in the Sarasota Center and a 142% increase in our Venice Center. In June of this year, WRC received the largest investment in our program to date. The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust will be investing recurring dollars over the next three years to support organizational capacity building at WRC.  

What does organizational capacity mean?  Many of you have been with WRC throughout our journey of merging two organizations to develop a more effective regional approach to providing services to women. We have been growing in many ways, but have lacked funding to hire critical staff that would support the growth of our services. The contribution from the Flanzer Philanthropic Trust will provide the funding to hire a Regional Director of Client Services, a volunteer coordinator, and ultimately, a mental health support staff position. Knowing there is consistent funding for these positions enables our dedicated team to stay focused on what moves the needle for women in our community:  developing life-changing empowerment and employment programming for the women of our region.

With these strategies driving our mission, we ask you to join the ranks of those leading the charge for WRC.  Many of the women and families we serve face an uncertain future. Poor mental health, loss of a loved one, a career change… your funding helps each and every one of these women thrive in our community, bringing comfort to those who need counseling and resources to those who need a career. 

Every gift, no matter the size, helps US help HER. Together, YOU can make a difference.

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