Hear from our Wonder Women Client, Alayna Chavez!

Alayna has exemplified great success in setting and following her goals. Daughter of WRC’s Marjorie Chavez, Alayna has participated in our employment and empowerment programs, including our signature Challenge Program.

After graduating high school, she knew enrolling in a college would set her back in debt after talking to friends. We were able to refer Alayna to Career Edge for a tuition-free road to success. She enrolled at local trade school, Suncoast Technical College, which gave her hands on experience while learning. Upon graduating, she landed a position with Plumbing Today as their FIRST female Plumbing Technician and Backflow Specialist – and she did it all with zero school debt!

This past February, Alayna was invited to speak at the Renaissance Legacy Luncheon to share her experience as a career counseling client. After she spoke the audience erupted into applause – and hands were raised around the room to ask for Alayna’s Plumbing Today business card!

We’re proud of Alayna for her professional & personal achievements – and also very proud that she has become an ambassador for WRC by appearing on programs such as these. It’s incredible to see how the WRC can help in being a referral partner for local organizations, like Career Edge.

Alayna recently appeared on ABC7 to share her experience with WRC’s career programs.  Watch her shine >