Those of you who stay up-to-date with us on Facebook, you have most likely seen our Saturday #Shero posts. We define a “Shero” as a woman who is regarded as a hero, hence the name, she + hero = “shero.”

A Shero does not have to be someone who is well-known or famous. A Shero is simply a female who is a hero to you in your own way, a woman who has encouraged you to press for progress in your life, and a woman who continuously strives to make our world a better place. Sheroes are women who are strong leaders, intelligent, influential, generous and so much more. Our selected Sheroes are from near and far, work in various industries, and range in age.

The Women’s Resource Center strives to spotlight women in our community who do great deeds without awards to accolades. While searching for Sheroes, we thought, how great would it be if we had more LOCAL Sheroes?! Do you have a Shero in mind? Whether she is a loved one, a friend, or just someone you admire from afar, we invite you to share her story with us so we can spread her impact on your life to inspire others on social media.

Click here to submit your Shero! You will be asked to submit your name and email, your Shero’s name, story, and picture. We encourage you to provide additional information such as where your Shero resides, your relationship to her, and of course, whatever else you would like to add to fully tell her story.

Do you have more than one Shero in your life? Feel free to submit as many as you’d like. We can’t wait to hear about all of the wonderful and talented women who surround our Sarasota-Manatee community. Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see who our next Saturday Shero is!