We recently lost a longtime friend and supporter when Betty Schoenbaum passed away. Betty was a beacon of hope and ray of light for countless people in Southwest Florida. Betty spent a lifetime dedicated to helping others and making a difference in SO many lives, especially here at WRC.

“A favorite memory I have with Betty is going through her binders of thank you notes from her scholarship recipients. What struck me was the diversity of the people she helped, and the absolute joy that reading those notes brought her. Betty believed that education was the key to changing someone’s life and felt strongly about supporting those who needed a hand up. Betty started supporting women going back to school with a scholarship program at Ohio State University and when the Women’s Resource Center started a scholarship program in 1985, she was one of the first donors. We often talked about the difference a couple of thousand dollars can make to a person who is struggling to raise a family, work and go to school. Betty never missed the scholarship reception and the chance to speak to her scholars and give them a word of encouragement. I am so grateful I had the chance to get to know Betty and learn from her. She embraced life and lived with joy, love and giving. The spirit of Betty Schoenbaum lives on at the Women’s Resource Center.”

— Ashley Brown, president and CEO of Women’s Resource Center

Her spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of her scholarship recipients, and all of us whose lives are a little brighter for having known Betty. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her and work together. Hearing her stories was nothing short of awe-inspiring, learning about her passion for giving and making the world a little better for everyone. She believed in education and the importance of giving a hand up to those who need a little help.

Betty’s daughter, Joann Miller, noted, “A nurse came up in ICU today and told us she had received three scholarships from my mom through the Women’s Resource Center,”. “That was the kind of impact she had.”

Our hearts go out to Betty’s family. We want you to know that the spirit of Betty Schoenbaum lives on at the WRC!