As part of our policy work, WRC seeks to ensure that our clients’ voices are represented in the legislative process. We do this by engaging directly in advocacy, as well as empowering women to use their own voices – by voting, by increasing their civic engagement, and by taking on leadership roles, especially in the political arena. We believe it is imperative that women elevate their voices so they can champion the causes that matter most to them and to their families. We are focused on ensuring women know how to register to vote and understand the election process. And we are helping women to understand how they can become more active in the community and participate in activities such as volunteering, speaking at government meetings, writing letters to the editor, etc. We also see a huge opportunity to close the gender gap in our local political landscape, where there is a significant lack of female representation within our local commissions, state legislature, and in Congress. While women generally win elections at the same rate as men, they are less likely to run for office. We want to help change that.

Please use this page to learn more about how YOU can elevate your own voice and be empowered to advocate for issues that matter most to YOU!

What is Civic Engagement?

Civic engagement is crucial for women as it enables them to shape policies, challenge inequalities, and advocate for their rights. The Women’s Resource Center strongly supports women’s involvement in civic activities, empowering them to address issues affecting their lives and to influence the decision-making processes. Through civic engagement, women gain confidence, build networks, and contribute to creating a more inclusive and just society. To understand what we mean by civic engagement, click on this short 2-minute video from The Presidential Precinct, a national nonprofit that offers programs that encourage young leaders to exchange ideas and solve pressing challenges in their communities.

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How Can You Get Involved in the Community?

Understand how you can use various forms of civic engagement to create change and make a positive impact.  This 2-minute video from explains how every action, no matter how small, counts and how individuals can make a difference in various forms. Learn how to be a spark for change.

Click here to learn more about Points of Light

How Can You Have Constructive Conversations?

The Women’s Resource Center emphasizes the importance of constructive conversations as a catalyst for fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change. By promoting respectful dialogue, the Center advocates for creating safe spaces where diverse perspectives can be shared and heard. In this 10-minute TED Talk by world debate champion Julia Dhar, she shares three essential features of productive disagreements grounded in curiosity and purpose. She demonstrates how constructive conversations can sharpen your argument and strengthen your relationships. Through open and constructive communication, individuals can address conflicts, challenge stereotypes, and collaborate towards building more inclusive and equitable communities.

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How Can You Run for Public Office?

The Women’s Resource Center encourages more women to run for public office. Recognizing the invaluable contributions women make to our democracy, we strive to break barriers and amplify their voices in all political spheres. We aim to cultivate a diverse and inclusive political landscape that truly reflects the richness of our society’s experiences and perspectives. Organizations like She Should Run, offer resources and a roadmap to run for office. Click here to learn more.

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Why Vote?

The Women’s Resource Center believes that voting is a fundamental means for women to exercise their rights, elevate their voices, and influence policies. By encouraging women to participate in the electoral process, the Center empowers them to contribute to creating a society where their concerns and priorities are reflected in legislation and public policies. This 13-minute TED Talk from Eric Lieu, CEO of a nonprofit called Citizen University which works in a bipartisan way to teach civic power, explains the importance of having a voice.

Click here to learn more about Citizen University

How Can You Learn more?

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. It works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League is firmly nonpartisan and neither supports nor opposes candidates for office. At the same time, it is a political organization and advocates on select policy issues after careful study and consideration by its members. As a women-led organization, it encourages everyone to take part in our democracy.

To learn more about League of Women Voters:

    • Click here for the Manatee Chapter.
    • Click here for the Sarasota Chapter.

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