Spring has sprung and you know what that means…spring cleaning time! But, we’re going to help you “spring clean” the WRC way.


Do you catch yourself walking around and random, toxic thoughts pop in your head like, “you aren’t good enough”? Well, guess what…you ARE good enough, you deserve to live the life of your dreams, and our staff and volunteers at the Women’s Resource Center are ready to help you get rid of that negative voice inside your head.


Here are 3 tips to help you live a more positive lifestyle:


  1. Surround yourself with positivity.

The first step to getting rid of those negative thoughts is to stop surrounding yourself with negative people and/or environments. We are energetic beings driven by emotion. As the great inspirational author Jen Sincero once said, “If your surroundings depress you, it’s critical that you do whatever you can to brighten things up. Slap on a fresh coat of paint, clean your windows, hang up pictures from magazines of places you’d love to live in or visit and look at them all the time, get some plants, tidy up your clutter, throw a nice bedspread over your ratty couch, and if you’ve got sheets thumbtacked over the windows… please, get some damn curtains.”


  1. Life is not just black and white.

Sometimes, it’s hard to think past the black and white “always” and “nevers” of life. But the in-between grays are what life is truly about. When you catch yourself thinking things with the words always and never like, “I will never succeed,” or “I always mess up,” change those thoughts to “I will succeed. It may take time.” and “I am human. I sometimes mess up. It’s okay.”


  1. Ask yourself, “What good is this doing me?”

With everything you do, ask yourself this question. And if the answer is no, get rid of it. Whether that means to throw out that last bag of chips in your pantry, cutting off a toxic relationship, or anything in between. Every time you get rid of something negative, you are one step closer to living a positive lifestyle.


We understand that this is much easier said than done. That’s why WRC has resources to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Click here to view our programs or give us a call at (941) 256-WRC1 (9721). Happy “Spring Cleaning!”