Becoming a female leader in today’s society is of course challenging, but achievable. But how? 

Use Your Voice

First things first, you cannot be afraid to take risks and ask for what you want. We all have voices yet so often we forget to use them. It’s important to not only stand up and speak out but to fine-tune your pitch. Your overall pitch should be pleasant to the ear and firm. If you’re ending your statements on a high pitch note, you may be perceived has nervous, unsure, and even untrustworthy. We all have one chance at life, so we mustn’t let the fear of rejection stop us from chasing our goals. After all, you never know until you try and you have to grab the mic before you can drop it.

Make a Plan

Every life goal you set must come with a plan. Figure out what you want to do, where you want to be, and then find out what you need to learn to get there and create a schedule. Get specific on what it takes. Believe in yourself, but give yourself grace and set realistic time-frames to achieve whatever goal you’re chasing and follow through. The true test of whether or not you will succeed is not only by having a good plan but making your plan work.

Have a Support System

It’s important to have a support system while undergoing big life changes. Having a support system decreases stress and creates a backbone for your goals. Whether that system is made up of friends, family, or professional help, you need to have someone who can push you, take chances on you, and pull you up…then do that for someone else. At WRC, we offer programs such as mentoring, counseling, resource advising, employment coaching, and more to help you achieve your goals. 

Share Your Own Good News

When we do something great in our careers, we tend to slide into a little hole of shyness. Be proud of your work. Share your good news. That’s how you move up in a company! And who doesn’t love good news? It creates smiles, and studies show that sharing positive news with others results in measurable increases such as more restful sleep, clearer communication, and better emotional support.

Never Eat Lunch Alone

Lunchtime may be your time of the day to unwind, reset, and have peaceful silence. But is that helping you move forward in your career? Always eat lunch with someone, and as often as possible, someone new. Learn what motivates and inspires other people. Invite them to “pick your brain.” Build a strong network. Follow up with your network. Take a few minutes each day to connect with your network- even just digitally. Take the two minutes to wish someone a happy birthday on LinkedIn, etc. Reach out to people and ask how their day is going. You never know what connection you may make that can advance your career, and even better, as a person.

Take that chance. Speak up. Build a network and support system. Share your achievements. And most importantly, never eat lunch alone…you don’t want to spend the rest of your life thinking “My life would be different if I would have done ___.” 

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