If you have visited any of the three WRC Centers, glanced through an issue of MyWRC Magazine, or followed us on social media, you might have noticed that we host many special events throughout the year! It is not because we like to throw parties, special events account for 18% of our operating budget. The reality is, we would not be able to provide the level of programming we do without our special events.

Traditionally, WRC has five major special events across the year:

  • Renaissance Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of the Sarasota Community
  • Founders’ Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of the Manatee Community
  • Handbags & Happy Hour – A collaborative event with HOPE Family Services, Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, and WRC
  • Fall Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of South Sarasota Community
  • Déjà Blues – WRC’s Party with a Purpose
  • In 2019, we will be combining our Renaissance Legacy Luncheon and Founders’ Legacy Luncheon and holding ONE luncheon to celebrate Wonder Women in Manatee/Sarasota. SAVE THE DATE for Tuesday, February 26th!

A tremendous amount of creativity and work go into making our events special and we absolutely could not do it without volunteers. We have a large group of dedicated volunteers who donate their time, talent and treasure to help us create events that are engaging, meaningful and FUN!

We wanted to introduce you to the co-chairs of the Fall Legacy Luncheon and Déjà Blues.

First off, are the fabulous co-chairs of 2018 Fall Legacy Luncheon: Carrie Lewis, Assistant Vice President for Business Development at Sabal Palm Bank and Mary Beth Hansen, Owner of Paradise Grill in Nokomis.

WRC: How did you get involved with WRC?

Hansen: Longtime friend, Amanda Horne, introduced me to the organization.

Lewis: I was introduced to WRC by a girlfriend Bernadette Hudak at Déjà Blues. I really liked what WRC represents in our community and I have a special place in my heart for women and the struggles we all face.

WRC: What aspect(s) are you most looking forward to of the Fall Luncheon?

Hansen: The opportunity for more people to be exposed and made aware of all of the programs WRC offers.

Lewis: Hearing from WRC clients about the work they have done and the progress they have made.

WRC: How do you think this event helps the WRC succeed in its vision of a region where all women and families thrive?

Hansen: I have had many influential women mentors in my life, and I feel as though WRC does that for the community. When you have a strong mentor on your side, you can thrive in life.

Lewis: Sharing the struggles and successes of the women. Where they have been and where they are going with the support of programs offered at WRC.

WRC: Why do you feel it is important to get involved in the community?

Hansen: Anything we can do for our community to support women, we need to do. Women are the backbone of our community. When women thrive, we all thrive.

Lewis: When we are part of a community. It is like belonging to a huge family. You take care of your family. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful and fruitful place. I am happy to be able to give back to the community in which I work and play.


Next up, the co-chairs of Déjà Blues, Jon Seeley and Dean Hastings. Jon and Dean are owners of Multi Print Media, Inc. Their company helps clients execute marketing and sales campaigns, along with providing general print and promotional product needs. Their sales and customer support teams are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but three years ago they decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Bradenton, Florida.

WRC: What aspect(s) are you most looking forward to of the event?

Hastings & Seeley: Friends, who are supporters of WRC, in 2016, invited us to Déjà Blues. We went again in 2017 and that is when we met Ashley. For those of you that know Ashley, that is all it took. We had a one-on-one meeting and the wheels were in motion. We are really enjoying our involvement and the energy at each of our meetings.

WRC: How do you think this event helps the WRC succeed in its vision of a region where all women and families thrive?

Hastings & Seeley: Of course events are fun, but they also serve a critical purpose: to raise money and build awareness. We hope to accomplish both and being involved in the planning can be as much fun as the event itself. As we work with WRC to make this a fun and successful event we also learn of all the services offered by WRC, and its importance to the community, in which we all live. In the end, it instills the responsibility we all share for our community and allows us to shape it in a positive way.

WRC: Why do you feel it is important to get involved in the community?

Hastings & Seeley: Our community is what we make of it. We believe that what each of us does, every day, influence our world. It is rewarding to get out there and make a difference!

Thank you to our co-chairs for all of their efforts in helping the WRC plan its fundraisers this season!

For more event information on any WRC events, or to get involved, please go online to MyWRC.org or better yet, reach out to us at 941-256-9721.