Financial advice that fits your life

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we’re dedicated to providing direction to women of all generations. Our clients are diverse: from women seeking GEDs to those with PhDs…women worrying about their next paycheck to women preparing for retirement.

Because our clients are so diverse, we have an array of programs to fit your life, like those designed to jumpstart your career search and those designed to take you on a journey to peace and wellbeing, and more. We recently launched Ask A Banker, a monthly program designed to develop your financial knowledge.

Ask A Banker allows you to get FREE one-on-one financial advice with a Bank of America professional. If you’re the slightest bit curious about your finances, whether it’s regarding home ownership, preparing for retirement, or tips on how to save and budget properly – now is your chance to get answers! If you’re not sure where to begin, there are plenty of topics to ask about, including:

  • Credit report
  • Credit score
  • Debt and Finance Assistance
  • Saving & Budgeting
  • Home Ownership
  • Auto Loan Tips Retirement
  • Identity Theft
  • Privacy & Security
  • Teaching Your Kids about Money

At Ask A Banker, you’ll meet with an informed and helpful Bank of America professional that will help you get the answers you need and guide you toward resources beneficial to your financial wellbeing.

What’s holding you back? Start building your financial know-how! Ask A Banker is a free program offered the 3rd Thursday of every month at our Manatee and Sarasota Center. Call us today for availability and to pre-register for this monthly program.

Phone numbers listed below:

  • Manatee: 941-747-6797 (bilingual)
  • Sarasota: 941-366-1700

Special thanks to Bank of America and the Bank of America professionals for their time and support helping expand financial knowledge to women in our community.