Mandy Regional Sales Manager at BMO Harris Bank

BMO Harris Bank has been a longtime supporter of the Women’s Resource Center and advocate for the financial well-being of our community. As one of our Corporate Partners, they continue to support our mission to help women of all backgrounds find sustained employment and financial stability.

Mandy Quinones, the Regional Sales Manager at BMO Harris Bank and a Board Member of the Women’s Resource Center offers guidance on how to help alleviate financial burdens during this time.

“With the effects of the Pandemic lasting far beyond what any of us could imagine here are some helpful tips on Hardship Assistance:

  • Contact your mortgage holder, auto loan holder, credit card company, or other loan holder and express that you have a hardship due to COVID19. Most companies have a hardship program in place to help. Additionally, even if you have already been helped or told NO by one of these – TRY AGAIN. Many financial institutions have added, expanded or changed programs since the pandemic is lasting much longer and affecting many more than initially anticipated.
    • Understand the difference in a loan extension, payment deferment and a loan forbearance:
      • Extension: The term of the loan is extended to make up the deferred payments
      • Deferment: Usually used for credit cards – Full balance due at the end of deferment period
      • Forbearance: Usually used for mortgages- Cumulative payment due on first payment due date after forbearance plan ends
    • Be sure to review your terms so you are not surprised by the change in terms you agree to.
  • Do not be hesitant to ask for refunds of service fees during this time. Many financial institutions and Credit Card companies are willing to waive all or some monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, and other services charges and every bit helps.
  • Stay in contact with your banks, credit companies, loan holders, and debtors- make sure you have correct contact information on file. Many financial institutions make proactive calls, emails, mailers to their customers with help options available. Staying in contact can help reduce the risk of negative credit reporting.”


We understand that financial burdens can cause anxiety and stress, especially during times of great uncertainty. At the Women’s Resource Center, we offer a variety of programs and services to help women build financial security.

“Women’s Money Empowerment webinar series” can help guide you through transitional times, claiming your financial power and taking your next step toward developing your plan.

We also offer the “Your Money Empowerment Hotline,” were you can speak with a financial expert about your specific financial situation. They offer guidance on a wide range of finance topics.

Finally, the “Ask a Banker” program with Bank of America, in which a BOA professional gives one on one assistance with a variety of topics such as; credit reports, debt and finances assistance, savings, loan tips, identify theft and more!

To request an appointment or learn more, please call (941)256-9721.


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