WoMen is a place where we share solutions that support women on their quest to gain financial power, in their lives as consumers and in their careers as financial professionals. We are…

A Community of Women Helping Women Master Money

  • As consumers… for our families
  • As professionals… for our society
  • Together… for the world

WME (Women’s Money Empowerment), is a new program to help women build financial security by:

  • Building wealth
  • Planning for the future: children, college, retirement, preparing for the life you desire
  • Navigating through a transition such as, divorce, death, a significant move, graduation, retirement, or inheritance

We are now offering two new financial programs:

  • You Money Empowerment Helpline
  • Women’s Money Empowerment First Friday Educational Webinar Series with Dr. Laura Mattia, PhD., MBA, CFP (Personal Finance Professor)

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About the Professor: Dr. Laura H. Mattia, Ph.D., MBA, CFP®, is principal at Atlas Fiduciary Financial and the Founder of the Women’s Money Empowerment Program, now affiliated with the Women’s Resource Center. She has been a Personal Finance Professor for twenty years at several Universities. She currently teaches Personal Finance at Texas Tech University and recently spent several years creating a new Personal Finance Degree at the University of South Florida.

She is the author of “Gender On Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services,” released in July 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan, and has appeared in numerous media outlets as a financial thought leader and women’s advocate.

Your Money Empowerment Hotline

with Laura Mattia , PhD., MBA, CFP

Would you like to speak to a financial expert about your personal financial situation?

Call the Women’s Resource Center to request a confidential call with one of our volunteers. Women can call for guidance on a wide range of personal finance topics.

How it Works:

  • Call the WRC to set up an appointment (941)256-9721.
  • We’ll connect you with one of our volunteer financial experts.


Wednesday | 3:00 p.m. – 5: p.m.

Appointment Needed.


Over the telephone of video chat.


No Cost



Or call (941)256-9721.

Women’s Money Empowerment Financial Friday Webinar Series

with Laura Mattia , PhD., MBA, CFP

Title: Financial Transitions: Money Empowerment During Uncertain Times

Description:  During transitional times, some actions are more important than others.  Some actions are detrimental to your financial future.  Understanding what to focus on next can provide peace of mind, a feeling of control, and a sense of well-being.  Join us to learn the startling facts around women and money, the unique aspects of Financial Transitions, and how to begin claiming your financial power during these uncertain times.


Title: Ten Steps to Claiming Your Financial Power

Description:  Congratulations on your commitment to claim your financial power! Beginning this journey can seem overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Join us to identify a step-by-step approach to developing your plan and the discipline to stick with it.


Title: Taking Your Next Step

Description:  When making financial decisions and developing a financial plan, there are some basic mistakes to be aware of and to avoid.  Join us to identify those mistakes and find out the best ways to get help in implementing and monitoring your plan.



Please view Recorded Sessions Above!


The webinar series will be hosted on the Zoom platform.


No Cost


Please view recorded session above!

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Laura Mattia , PhD., MBA, CFP

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Complimentary Podcast Series | This podcast series is about YOU claiming your financial power.

Each episode we introduce you to some of the smartest, Money Master Women in the country. Women who have gone before us to learn how money works. We let you hear what is on their minds as they provide solutions that can help you achieve a happier life – yes by making smart and purposeful decisions with your money.

  • Medicare Insights from a Healthcare professional – On this episode we discuss what everyone should know about medicare and common mistakes which can cost hundreds of dollars and leave you exposed without the right care.
  • How to Maximize your Social Security Benefits – With more and more people reaching retirement age, making decisions on where to get an income stream becomes very important.
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