A Program That Fits YOU


The Women’s Resource Center strives to provide programs for women of all generations, going through different aspects of life. Enhancing overall happiness and mental health begins with determination and dedication to managing your time and bringing the people and activities that have personal meaning to you into your life on a regular basis. Our

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New Volunteers


At Women’s Resource Center, we’re excited by how fantastic 2019 is looking for us! On January 16th, we held a new volunteer orientation. During the meeting we talked about our Mission Moments, business updates, new programs and opportunities... and much more! Our new volunteers are ready to tackle 2019 with us and we’re grateful

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National Mentoring Month


January is National Mentoring Month, which is so important to us at WRC. Mentoring is more than just coaching people in need. It’s about guidance through your high and low points, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, staying positive and as stress-free as possible. Even the strongest of leaders

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5 Steps to a Healthy New Year


First thing’s first: Take a deep breath. Look around you. Reflect on your 2018 year. What adventures did you go on? What significant memories did you make? What do you wish you could have done? Now, focus on what was good and what was bad. What do you want to continue? What do you want

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New Year, New Mindset


Hit your reset button. Form a new attitude and approach to life. It’s a new year, a fresh start, another chance and it all begins NOW! Focus on refreshing and setting goals. Many people set goals of weight loss, but mental health is just as important as physical health. We are here to help

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Thank You For An Amazing Year


What an amazing ride 2018 has been, and we are so thankful. Our goals this year were to improve our Impactful Programs & Services, Financial Strength & Stability and Leadership & Advocacy. We can proudly say we have achieved our goals! We have accomplished so much, and it’s all thanks to YOU! Throughout the

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Ask a Banker


Financial advice that fits your life No matter what stage of life you’re in, we’re dedicated to providing direction to women of all generations. Our clients are diverse: from women seeking GEDs to those with PhDs...women worrying about their next paycheck to women preparing for retirement. Because our clients are so diverse, we have an

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Dear Women’s Resource Center supporter: Your financial gift is important to us and we want you to understand #WhyWRC. Everyday, women come into our centers looking for help. 40% of these women are living below the poverty level, and 19% are considered homeless. Another 36% live below the sustainable wage for our region (ALICE

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Deja Blues Recap


And that’s a wrap! Friday, November 30th, our 7th annual Deja Blues event was held in The Backyard behind O’Bricks Irish Pub & Martini Bar on Old Main Street in downtown Bradenton. The weather was great, the food from O’Bricks was fantastic and the live entertainment featuring award-winning Canadian blues artist, Shakura S’Aida, was

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The Déjà Blues Online Auction is Live!


While we’re eagerly counting down the days until our party of the year, Déja Blues, on Friday, November 30 – we’re just as excited for the what’s going on NOW…. the online live auction! This auction has been carefully planned by our Déja Blues event committee to include top-notch prizes no matter what

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