Wellness Series Webinars – Zoom Registration Links

October 1st: Self-Care For Stress Relief – this class will focus on the most common stress areas of our everyday

world. You will learn massage techniques for yourself in prime stress areas of the neck, shoulders, and low


When: Oct 1, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US

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October 15th: Breath Meditation – in this 45-minute class, you will learn different forms of breath meditation

and movement for stress reduction, focus, mental clarity, stamina, and general well-being.

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October 29th: Health, Hearth, and Harmony – our greatest asset is our health, health of ourselves, our loved

ones, and our home. This webinar will bring you the awareness and self-generate tools to create a life of

harmony within you and around you.

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November 12th: Chi Flow Movement – Chi is your body’s core life force. Your health is related to how well

your chi energy flows. In this unique, fun, lighthearted class, the instructor will lead you through a series of

workouts, martial arts, and dance movements. All enhanced with your breath, bringing you vitality and peace

of mind.

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About the instructor: Mary Onna Bode, Owner Soul Harmony Therapies. Mary has over 35 years of experience

in leading meditation, yoga, and breathwork. Mary is also known as a joyful healer of body, mind, and soul.

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