Future Dates TBD

Join  Dr. Judy Sedgeman, an Educational Psychologist with more than 30 years of experience as a Mental Health Mentor strengthening people’s ability to find sustainable peace of mind and regain joy in life.

Session Topics Include:

  • There is Calm in Chaos
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Low Moods are Your Friends
  • Finding Your Guide Inside
  • Fast and Furious or Calm and Curious?  Always Our Choice
  • We Are Not What We Think We Are
  • The Reality Mousetrap
  • The Mind is Not the Brain: Who’s in Charge?

Even after helpful counseling, people sometimes feel better, but worry if it will last, or wonder if there is still something wrong with them that might recur at any time. They often think of themselves as “prone” to certain mental health problems, or never fully recovered. Many people spend their lives waiting for the next episode.

Within this weekly group, Dr. Sedgeman focuses on the resilience that is innate to human beings but often overridden or overlooked as we fall into habits of thought that undermine our natural wisdom and common sense. Everyone is welcome to join this group just to understand yourself and your mental well-being better.

We will explore our natural intuitive capacity to transcend circumstances, understand our power to think as the gift of a continual fresh start and recognize how to navigate our own states of mind to recognize when to take our thinking seriously and when to leave our thinking alone.


Future Dates TBD


Virtual Meetings held via Zoom.


$10 to join the group!


Future Dates TBD


Please contact us if you have any questions!