The “Elevating Women’s Voices” campaign (July – November) aims to amplify women’s participation in the legislative process, recognizing that women’s perspectives are essential for a balanced and representative government!

Historically, women have been underrepresented in legislative bodies, leading to policies that may not fully address the needs and concerns of half the population. We aim to educate, spread awareness, and share resources through videos, social media, and digital resources.

Studies have shown that when women are involved in politics, there is a greater emphasis on social issues, including healthcare, education, and family support, which benefit society as a whole.

Our campaign aims to educate women on:

  • voter registration, how and where to vote
  • provide non-partisan voter guides
  • partner with organizations like the League of Women Voters to foster a more inclusive political landscape
  • Discuss the importance of gender equity and effects of socialization
  • Amendment 4

By uniting the community to amplify women’s voices, the campaign strives to create a more equitable and representative political environment, ensuring that legislation reflects the diverse experiences and needs of all citizens.

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Please contact us if you have any questions!